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746 keer bezocht sinds 10 Augustus 2015, 03:10
Naam Yifen326 Yifen326
Geboortedatum 16-4-1917
Leeftijd 101
Woonplaats yifen326, Bolivia

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'So our car was stolen last '

Geplaatst 10 Augustus 2015, 03:19

So our car was stolen last week (along with my purse inside of it) from the street in front of our house. We live in Chicago, in a fairly quiet residential neighborhood, where this happens sporadically but is certainly not an everyday occurrence. Our insurance work is in progress, so my question doesn't involve that particular area.

What I am confused about is how Chicago Police handles this. When I called 911 the day of, they kicked me back to 311 where I stayed on hold for 20 minutes to report the crime. The first woman was combatively rude (it was appalling really), the second was pleasant enough. The bottom line was "Don't call us, we'll call you. Kamerion Wimbley Jersey

I'm pretty sure having a car stolen sucks just about anywhere, but having it happen here has taken on a particularly Twilight Zoneesque quality.

I know that was a major Authentic Nate Washington Jersey error and may have drawn the thief in the first place, but it was not my standard practice and a very unfortunate oversight on a stormy night.

posted by sixtyten to travel transportation (16 answers total)

The police don't really investigate individual car thefts. They investigate organizations that steal cars (and chop shops and so on). They take the report so that if they discover a whole bunch of stolen cars, and yours is one, they know to call you. But unless you saw the guy who took it, there's not much for them to do on your end. Until they have the car, there's no evidence to investigate.

posted by musofire at 2:30 PM on September 26 [1 favorite]

Your post led me to this: Statewide Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Strategy (pdf) There might be some information in there that you might find useful in explaining why the police aren't actually going to do anything about an individual car being stolen. There are also some heartening stats in there about recovered vehicles, although the number recovered goes down every year, it was 60% in 2010, average time to recovery 17 days 93% had no damage, see pages 14 to about 20 or so.

posted by IvoShandor at 2:35 Nate Washington Jersey PM on September 26

The police report was something for your insurance company and any credit agencies and banks, and not so much so they'll get your car back.

posted by rtha at 3:12 PM on September 26 [3 favorites]

This is very much a localitydriven issue as well. I have lived in small towns, where a breakin of a home is thoroughly investigated, with fingerprints taken, etc., and in large cities, where no cop will come to your home, and the "investigation" will be taking your information by phone.

No one will be out looking for your car. The plates will be recorded so Nate Washington Titans Jersey that it will be on a list in case someone is pulled over driving it. The knowledgeable crooks will have already switched the plates.

posted by megatherium at 3:18 PM on September 26

Property crime in big cities treated this way, Chicago included. They basically just generate paperwork that you can submit to your insurance company. Unless there is a violent crime attached to the theft, they won't investigate.

posted by quince at 3:20 PM on September 26

Can't help about your stolen car (although I'm sure it sucks!); just wanted to say you should cancel your credit cards and/or have them issue you new cards with different numbers; put a freeze on your credit so no one can open other cards in your name; if you had a checkbook or other bank account info in there, contact your bank and get all account numbers changed; if your house keys were in the purse, change all locks STAT! Plus anything else that comes under the general heading of 'preventing identity theft'.

posted Kamerion Wimbley Titans Jersey by easily confused at 3:38 PM on September 26

I had a car stolen in Chicago and did get it recovered after a few weeks with minor damagenot so much because of major police efforts, but because the thieves decided to ditch it after a while. So the 60% recovery rate doesn't seem surprising to me. I hope you get lucky!

posted by drlith at 4:35 PM on September 26 [1 favorite]

I have an sort of similar story as drlith above, but at least after I sold the car, and cashed the insurance check, I had more money than I paid for the car. For some odd reason, someone put decent junkyard tires on it. Presumably after punching out all the locks, breaking the steering lock, and turning the interior into a dumpster.

That being said, the reason they're not pursuing the case is that risk analysts have decided that the Police Department spending multiples of your car's worth trying to chase down a stolen vehicle case is just gonna lose money. And they don't have a lot of money. Trust me.

Sorry for your loss. Although, on the other side, it might turn up.

posted by Sphinx at 6:11 PM on September 26

Los Angeles and not Chicago, but when my car was stolen, a police report was taken by the cops (for which I had to wait a whopping TWELVE HOURS, and they literally showed up at the scene, which thankfully was on my block, at like 11pm), and they were basically like, "ummm yeah you're never going to see that car again".

Twentyfour hours later I had my car back, though it was not the original cops who took my report who contacted me. Instead it was someone else in a different division/precinct/whatever who had found the car.

I don't have any details, but my best guess is that some other cops raided a chop shop and my car was one of the ones that was in the process of getting stripped. Since my previous police report was in the system, they were able to contact me Authentic Kamerion Wimbley Jersey about the car.

A word of advice: having your car found is, in a lot of ways, worse than never seeing it again. You don't want a team of police on the case.

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